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This is a list of false statements by the modern VeChain Foundation regarding the FUSION project based on this publication (en)

VeChain Foundation statement regarding the FUSION project

1. You will find out who authored Qtum and VeChain’s parental patents.
2. You will understand the motive for creating the Fusion project.
3. You will find out my review of the investment attractiveness of Qtum, VeChain and Fusion.

1. Quote:
that the VeChain Foundation, including all members of the VeChain team, is in no way affiliated with the FUSION project or its members in any form, such as investments, partnership, cooperation. (But the photo shows a direct link between DJ Qian Co-founder and CEO Bitsi and VeChain 2013-2017, CEO of Fusion 2018.

This is a message from the media.

2 . Quote:
The VeChain project was started and always been led and operated by Sunny Lu. (But look at the photo. The VeChain and PwC contract is headed by DJ Qian.

A signing ceremony has been held today in Hong Kong by Raymund Chao, PwC Greater China Chairman, and DJ Qian, Co-Founder and CEO of BitSE and VeChain. A signing ceremony will also be held in Singapore on 17 May, with Yeoh Oon Jin, PwC Singapore’s Executive Chairman and DJ Qian.

«We are excited about the joint initiative between PwC and VeChain and the services we provide that could help our clients achieve greater success. I envisage our services will create an impact and deliver on our firm’s purpose of building trust in society and solve important problems,” says Raymund Chao. VeChain S.E.A, a subsidiary of BitSE, will focus on accelerating VeChain business expansion in Southeast Asia.

3. Quote:
The VeChain project was then spun off legally and operationally and ran by the VeChain Foundation which then selected Sunny Lu as the General Secretary to continue leading the project. (This statement itself says: 1. what was then VeChain was separated … but ask yourself, who is he separated from? — and here’s a picture says of BitSE; 2. and only after that did Sunny Lu choose as Secretary General; so they let slip that Sunny Lu wasn’t the first VeChain project Manager).

In the photo Yeoh Oon Jin. Executive Chairman, PwC Singapore.

4. Quote:
Since Sunny took the General Secretary role of the VeChain Foundation, we brought on PwC and DNV GL as strategic partners to help transition its currently functioning blockchain with paid customers into a public blockchain platform for qualified dApps.

On this photo it is visible that establishes partnership CEO BitSE and VeChain DJ Qian.

PwC & BitSE strategic alliance contract signing ceremony. On the left side you can find Patrick Dai who is currently CEO Qtum and to him we will return.

So this CEO VeChain DJ Qian has brought PwC as a strategic partner to help translate its blockchain into a public blockchain platform for qualified dApps.

It is also clear from this statement that VeChain already has a functional blockchain with paid customers, before making a deal with PwC. This is a video that confirms what has been said, where BitSE’s CEO and VeChain DJ Qian show how the technology he created at BitSE works.

This is also confirmed by the first priority of the application of the parent patent for the technology VeChain, which was created by DJ Qian. Date of application: 03.03.2017

DJ Qian is the author of the first CN106878318 patent for VeChain. This patent is the parent, the foundation that VeChain created. Date of application: 03.03.2017

For example, the following patent CN107622399 for VeChain, which was filed by LuYang (Sunny Lu), has an application date: 10/18/2017. And yes, the real name is Sunny Lou Louane.

5. Quote:
“ that VeChain Foundation, including all members of the VeChain team, is in no way affiliated with the FUSION project or its members in any form, such as investment, partnership, cooperation”

My answer: but DJ Qian never claimed that the Fusion and VeChain teams are related. He just said in his resume that his last job is BitSE’s CEO and he incubates VeChain and Qtum.

Now look at the photo, also you can check from the website Bloomberg that CEO and Legal representative of BitSE is Dejun Qian, and also learn which relationship been between DJ Qian, VeChain, Sunny Lu and Patrikc Dai.

You can also check out the Chinese commercial information website which provides all the registered information about the Chinese company BitSE and the size of the shares in the joint stock company. Use Google translate sites.

Qian Dejun is the biggest shareholder with 46.43%, Patrick Dai (Xuguang Dai, Shui Hu) has 21.30% share, Sunny Lu (Lu Yang) has 14.95%.

Note that Sunny Lou and Patrick day are aliases. That’s curious.

The man who calls himself Sunny Lu(VeChain) has a different name, Lu Yang has 14.95%.

The man who calls himself Patrick Dai(Qtum) has a different name, Xuguang Dai has 21.30%

If you scroll down this page, you will see Sunny Lu’s personal profile. And there Sunny Lu wrote about himself that he is CEO and co-founder. BitSE Founder & CEO. That is intriguing… It’s like Sunny Lu is “Cook the books.”

The trade mark and logo of Vechain and are registered under BitSE. Vechain registered on Feb 17th, 2017 and registered on Nov 1st 2016.

Bitse.com and vechain.com are registered under BitSE.

And now let’s go back to this photo which captures the former managers of Bits and determine where they work now.

So we know that now: Fusion CEO Dejun Qian

Qtum CEO Patrick Dai (this man has 2 names Xuguang Dai and we will return to him)

VeChain CEO Sunny Lu (Lu Yang, this man has 2 names); Jay Zhang CFO; Richard Fu CMO.

Wow! This is getting interesting. It turns out that Joy Zhang, who was a shareholder and CFO of BitSE, is now working for Sunny Lu.

And one top manager from BitSE Richard Fu CMO, now also works on Sunny Lu.

Why then do these former top managers from BitSE hide that from 2013 to 2017 they worked in This organization? What the CFO BitSE wants to hide Jay Zhang. Why does the current CEO of VeChain have two names and works under the alias Sunny Lu and also denies any connection with BitSE? What secret unites them?

Quote from modern VeChain Foundation: “we do not allow the FUSION project or its founder DJ Qian to use the name VeChain in any of its marketing or symbolic sale.”

My answer: No one can prohibit the use of information taken from open sources.

Nobody can forbid to use the data from the summary of the DJ Qian.

Why do they hide their participation in the BetSE?

Is it possible that this group of managers has appropriated this project?

Do you allow this thought? Well, for us to get answers, let’s look at some more facts.

So, we have already learned that BetSE has created a VeChain.

However, not only that, but BetSE also created Qtum.

However, now the sole owner of Qtum is Patrick Day and who claims that DJ Qian has nothing to do with the creation of Qtum.

So, first of the way let’s make sure that Qtum belonged to BitSE.

Use Google transmitter.

Wow! In the news channel we see the current CEO Qtum Patrick Dai but under a different name Shuai Chu CTO BitSE. It looks like the modern CEO Qtum uses three aliases and depending on the situation, he changes the name…

Now is time to dismantle these statements modern Qtum CEO Patrick Dai…

Fusion have nothing to do with Qtum, neither fusion organization or any individual from fusion project made any contribution to Qtum project. And DJ is not the founder or cofounder of Qtum project. Qtum is an independen project from Fusion, only managed by Qtum Foundation.

Let’s look at this statement in more detail:

Quote: 1. Fusion have nothing to do with Qtum, neither fusion organization or any individual from fusion project made any contribution to Qtum project.

Quote: 2 Please always do your independent research no matter which project you are investing. Sun You Patrick @ Qtum Dai

So, a man with three names Patrick Dai, Shuai Chu, Xuguang Dai said: any individual from fusion project not made any contribution to Qtum project and he’s asking us to check it out. «Please always do your independent research no matter which project you are investing.» Sun You Patrick @ Qtum Dai

Well, let’s do that!

So, we will make a request to the international patent office and in the search menu, put the name: Patrick Dai, Shuai Chu, Xuguang Dai, and you won’t find anything there…

But, if you write the DJ’s name there, you will see these patent applications for Qtum (Quantum) technology and building smart contracts for Qtum (Quantum).

So, a man with three names, modern CEO Qtum lied to us. We saw that the Qtum project is based on the technical solutions and deas of a Dejun Qian, who is currently CEO Fusion.

Here are the road map the company to BitSE. On the map you will see and Qtum and VeChain. It was the General plan of development of the company BitSE Group.

So, two projects of Qtum and VeChan were created by Dejun Qian who was the founder of BitSE and CEO.

And further, Dejun Qian found suitable executors and managers for the transfer of management of These projects. So for the VeChain technology that tracks the route of the goods from the supplier using the RFID / NFC chip these numbers Identification and blockchain. The RFID chip can for example be placed on product tags and the buyer, making a scan of the QR code using his phone, can see the entire route of the goods, from the factory to the store. It can also view a video message from the manufacturer that for example will advertise this product. This technology can be used in a large logistics and including marking manufacturers their branded product brands, any, including Louis Vuiton. And so Dejun Qian assigns a suitable person Sunny Lu and appoints him to the position of COO VeChain.

And here we see the development plan of BitSE Group after the partnership with PwC.

And so, in detail I might be wrong and this is just my opinion, but I see a rough chronology of such:

  1. When Qtum and VeChain become large, CEO BitSE Dejun Qian entrusted to the management of these projects to his deputies. Further they having access to all technical documentation projects take control from Qtum and VeChain, and leave behind CEO BitSE Dejun Qian. Also, this has helped to realize, CFO and PR Director of the company BitSE to his side.
  2. Next, they held independent ICO for Qtum and VeChain and declared themselves the sole creators of these projects and appointed themselves CEO.
  3. Dejun Qian was silent all this time, he did not appoint an investigation. He just went on to create blockchain technology and created a new project called Fusion.
  4. And when Qian Dejun mentioned in his summary, what he is created the Qtum and VeChain in BitSE, those people who now head these projects and that hide their names behind pseudonyms, made statements refuting it.

And so, check all the links yourself. And then we have a picture of how former managers captured two successful blockchain projects and brought them out of control BitSE.
Next, we see how they legalized themselves through the ICO and changed their names and appointed themselves a new CEO. And so hide their activities in BitSE, in which they are received in the Trustee control of the keys of the block chain and new technology, and then disappeared from the radar BitSE.

And this reveals a big problem of modern crypto-Finance and blockchain.

CEO to carry out his managerial activities, he must entrust the crypto keys to the crypto values of his enterprise to his staff. And this is the bottleneck of all crypto Finance.

Both these circumstances and these problems of the industry became the motive for the creation of Qian Dejun new Fusion project, which should solve the problem of distribution of the crypto key between employees and at the same time maintain control over the crypto enterprise, crypto Fund, crypto Depository, blockchain and any other value.

As a result, Qian Dejun developed and patented a unique technology Distributed Control Rights Management (DCRM) DCRM creates two keys, a public and private key and allows you to securely transfer into temporary management, such as crypto-Finance enterprises, blockchain, crypto-depositories and any crypto-Finance.

So, now such innovative functions as, Fusion Multiple Triggering Mechanism Technology (MTM) introduces revolutionary smart contract functionality. Now traditional smart contracts can also execute based on time and event-based triggers.Transactions can now execute with multiple assets across any open or permissioned blockchain asset mapped to the Fusion platform.

Cross-Asset Smart Contracts

Unlike all other smart contracts, a single Fusion smart contract supports any type of digital asset including ERC-20, BTC, ETH, etc. Transactions can now execute with multiple assets across any open or permissioned blockchain.

This Fusion feature will allow you to merge all existing blockchains! Blockchain will begin to exchange information, values and technologies among themselves and create new alliances and opportunities for all projects of the crypto industry.

These technologies allow us to create a Fusion decentralized crypto ERP for the management of modern crypto businesses.

Lock-in Lock-out (LILO)

FUSION’s Lock-in Lock-out (LILO) function enables assets from various blockchains to interact with each other on the FUSION protocol, breaking the bottleneck of interoperability. A user can seamlessly lock-in digital assets from different ecosystems onto the FUSION blockchain and gain access to the full functionality of the FUSION protocol, including cross-chain smart contracts, time-lock, multi-triggering and more. A digital asset can be quickly and safely locked-out of the FUSION protocol and returned to another wallet address of the user’s choice.

Thus Fusion to combine all existing ecosystems from different blockchains! The Fusion community will be the biggest because Fusion will bring them all together. In my opinion, this will have even more potential than Ethereum. If Bitcoin is the first level, Ethereum level two, then Fusion is the third and highest level.


Time Lock technology introduces time as another factor for controlling assets. Now values locked-in on Fusion can be controlled by quantity, value, and time in smart contracts. The realization of Time Lock functionality means digital assets can be natively issued and financial derivatives can be created on Fusion.

Fusion stands at the junction of Fiat financial flows and crypto Finance and will be able to serve as a “Cisco router” for the exchange between Fiat money and values and crypto values for the entire financial world. Fusion will create an opportunity for the formation of global Internet values. Fusion is the future Ethereum for all crypto-financial.

4. You will find out my review of the investment attractiveness of Qtum, VeChain.

Note: this post is not investment advice and is for educational purposes only. Caveat emptor!


  1. It seems That the qtum blockchain is now managed by a CEO who has 3 aliases.
  2. And this CEO is no international applications for the invention of the blockchain. You make a request to the international patent office and in the search menu, put the name: Patrick Dai, Shuai Chu, Xuguang Dai, and you won’t find anything there… https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/result.jsf
  1. All the fundamental patent database was established Qtum Qian Dejun.
    4. Qian Dejun owns applications for technology and can use them at its own discretion, which means that everything based on Qtum, Qian Dejun can implement in Fusion, and he has the right to do so, as it is his invention…
    5. If Qian Dejun wants to obtain patents for his applications for Qtum, he can ban anyone from using His technology…
    6. If Qian Dejun will not take action for patent filings Qtum, many technology smart contracts which today operates Qtum will be available to any organization…
  2. Taking into account all the points, I do not see long-term attractiveness in this project.


  1. Qian Dejun owns the basic application for VeChain technology.
  2. DJ can still get a patent on his basic VeChain application and then just ban SunnyLu from using VeChain.
  3. DJ can do nothing at all, then in a year, VeChain technology will be able to take IBM, Samsung and any company that wants it. Since if the DJ does not issue a patent, the technology will be released from the protection of the priority date and become free use for the whole world.
  4. Therefore, VeChain led by SunnyLu I do not consider investment attractive in the long term, they do not have the protection of the basic technology… they can copy the giants of the industry.
  5. VeChain fate in the hands of the DJ, which betrayed a naive upstart SunnyLu.
  6. VeChain aims to protect the world from counterfeit counterfeiting products such as Louis Vuitton, or BMW or any other expensive brands. But the irony is that VeChain CEO is a person who has two aliases and who to have made a substitution for CEO himself. And who has managers in the team who hide their history. And in his team as CFO there is a man who hides that he had the same position in the company BitSE. VeChain now under the management of former managers BitSE, who is hiding in the summary of your past place of employment 2013–2017 BitSE and denies any connection with the BitSE. They hide their not beautiful story behind poker faces and aliases.
  7. Taking into account all the points, I do not see long-term attractiveness in this project.


  1. Fusion has all the basic technologies that were invented by Qian Dejun earlier.
  2. Fusion owns the underlying patent application for its technology DCRM and some other!
  3. Fusion is still able to invent, this is the most important quality for planning long-term investments.
  4. Now Fusion team consists of inventors and people who have already done a lot of projects for cryptography, as it has experts in innovation in the field of blockchain, there is a backbone of programmers who have worked with Qian Dejun in BitSE.
  5. Modern Fusion, confidently overcomes and solves any problems of cryptography and quickly moves forward and is happy to announce the upcoming launch of its network Payable Stage Network (PSN)!

This will happen on December 10, 2018 on the Block Ethereum 6868000 psn.fusioncommunity.org

Fusion has all the features of a reliable investment project!!!

Fusion is the future of Ethereum for all crypto assets!

2019 I believe will be a very successful year for large-scale adoption of blockchain technologies by Fusion and industry!

I believe it will happen. When? Soon!

Author: @Dimaspace

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