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Автор Stepan Gershuni

Spontaneous ICO watch: April 2017 (en)

Cosmos (link)

Cosmos, a project by Tendermint team focused on creating a hub that will allow IBC (inter-blockchain communication) has finished its ICO raising $16,8 mln. Investors received 168,5K Atoms, native cryptocurrency used to vote, validate, delegate (mine) and pay for Cosmos transactions.

Raised: $16.8 million USD in 28 minutes

Aeternity (link)

AEternity is a new blockchain project explicitly focusing on micropayements and oracle contracts. Project team plans to run a secound round of crowdfunding in May 2017 hoping to raise 21 million CHF (Swiss Franks).

Raised: $5.25 million in 3 days

TaaS Fund (link)

TaaS is a closed-end fund aiming to invest in and manage other blockchain assets. Once ICO is complete the fund will focus on money management taking 25% management fee. Fund tokens will only be acquirable on the exchange.

Raised $3,4 million in the first 10 days, 20 more days to go.

HumanIQ (link)

A blockchain wallet/banking service aiming at customers who have access to the Internet but not to the classic financial and banking services. Team estimates addressable market to be 2 billion people. Will provide identity, banking, insurance and payments for financially underserved market. Due dill report by ICOrating to learn more.

Raised $2,3 million to date, 20 more days to go.

Lunyr (link)

Decentralized knowledge system (think Wikipedia) with contribution and curation rewards for authors. Aims at free-to-use but ad-funded model; tokens will be used to place ads on the platforms.

Raised: $500k to date, 20 more days to go.

WeTrust (link)

Web of trust for p2p lending. Created its first prototype, ROSCA, that enables small groups lending and insurance via smart contract. Vlad Zamfir & Jae Kwon, Ethereum and Cosmos/Tendermint leade developers agreed to act as escrow partners during ICO.

Raised: $4.2 million to date, 5 more days to go.

Blockchain Capital (link)

Largest San Francisco-based blockchain venture firm published the offering memorandum of its ICO that will start on April 10th. Plans to raise $10 million for its next fund. Will be the first ICO with existent and audible financial history. Available for US and offshore accredited investors.

Matchpool (link)

After raising $5,6 million in ICO, Matchpool CTO Phillip Saunders says “Over the last two days 37,500 ETH has been withdrawn from the multisig wallet by the CEO, Yonatan Ben Shimon without any explanation or announcement”. Yonatan publishes a post claiming that funds are safe, CTO has been replaced and blames Phillip for his incompetence.

Автор: Stepan Gershuni
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